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Confessions of a Euthanasia Technician

We do it because we care

Jessica Stout is the founder of FAB Shows, Animal Advocating, My Pit Bull is, and Confessions of a Euthanasia Technician. She has been in the animal care profession for over 12 years, with an emphasis on animal rescue and advocacy. She began her career at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, before becoming a veterinary technician and spending several years in emergency rescue medicine and care for various animal care and advocacy organizations, including the San Francisco SPCA, and Solano County Animal Control, where she was the Animal Care Manager.

Jessica is currently the Grassroots Coordinator at Born Free USA, a non-profit organization that advocates for wild and exotic animals in captivity and entertainment, as well as other key global issues involving wild animals. Jessica is currently working on Confessions of a Euthanasia Technician the book, with which she plans on using her background and resources to bridge the gap between animal shelters and the public.


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